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Taking Reformer Pilates class is one of my favorite parts of my week!  It is time away from everything where you can focus on getting stronger and truly doing something good for yourself.  The instruction is so customized that it always challenges you to do your best.  ~Vivian C.

I have gotten toned,  my posture is better , I have more flexibility, less back and joint pain   I`m hooked. ~Jimmy D

I love taking class.  It is the most amazing workout I have ever had.  It feels as if you have your own personal trainer.  The class is challenging and invigorating without any of the aches and pains seen with other types of high impact training.  I would highly recommend this workout and this studio. - Stacy R

The classes and instruction at Body and Soul Pilates are wonderful. Since starting, I have noticed firmer muscles in my legs and abdomen without having any high impact on my joints . Pilates has also strengthened my core and improved my alignment. -  Carin L

Body & Soul Pilates has been invaluable during my pregnancy in preparing for my labor. I truly believe that with Kristin and Alyson's help, I would not have felt as prepared for my task not to mention avoid many pesky pregnancy symptoms I would have had otherwise. They were wonderful at adjusting the exercises for me. I never felt unsafe... actually, I think I felt safer than the instructors did.  They didn't realize how much they have helped me. Funny thing is, I felt quite sure-footed even towards the end that after labor, I now feel unbalanced and I can't wait to return to rebuild my muscles around my loosened joints. Pilates stregthens your core with practically every exercise and has helped me hold my belly up well.  I often got compliments at how well my belly is doing.  I was out of shape before starting at the beginning of my 2nd trimester, within weeks, I felt more fit and balanced. One more note, if you had never used a Pilates apparatus... they are wonderful  tools in aiding your body's performance. They use springs and pullies for resistance which teaches your body to stabilize. The one-hour sessions go by fast.  Using them also helps The STOTT machines are easy to use and looks nicer than other systems. To summarize, great exercises with thoughtful instructors, just sign up for a class, pregnant or not and try it out! - Carrie Y.

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